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Name: Sol Badguy
Canon: Guilty Gear
Age: 190 / Looks 25-30ish
Timeline: End of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A

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May. 6th, 2012 09:18 am
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Sol Badguy
Canon: Guilty Gear
Info links: Sol | Game Info
Canon Point: After Sol spares Dizzy's life in the tournament (Post Guilty Gear X)
Gender & Sex: Male
Age: Appears late 20s/early 30s, actual age ~190
Birthdate/Sign: December 4th, Sagittarius. I chose Sagittarius, (using the attributes outlined here) because Sol is only willing to step forward to lead in rare circumstances -- like promising someone on their deathbed that he would -- but he's never good at following. He's very much the 'fuck the man' type and he tends to argue with authority. He's also impatient in that he doesn't like wasting time or energy, and would rather deal with something than push it aside or talk it out. The strengths fit Sol a bit less well, but he has a bluntness to him that incorporates honesty except in those aspects of life where he needs, for his own safety or other's, to keep things a secret. He definitely fits under needing freedom of movement: attempts to keep him in any one place have generally failed, and he tends not to plan adequately, going more with the flow. He does also have a strong sense of morality, although it is his own and he doesn't wish to elaborate on it to anyone else.

The date December 4th came from here, particularly the fact that he has revolutionary opinions, difficult to get along with, and has a high level of analytical intelligence.
Tattoo: Underside of his left wrist, about 5 cm in diameter
Suitability: N/A (While Sol is in his canon a 'Gear' rather than being human any longer, he still has complete free will and exercise of his emotions, as well as a human appearance.)
Power: As a Gear, Sol in his game is quite powerful without ever unleashing his full power. In the game he wears a band over his forehead to both cover the brand on his forehead and to suppress his more extreme powers and keep his humanity. In Zodion the band would be unnecessary, although he wouldn't find that out without the band coming coming off, something he's not going to do of his own free will.

However, most of the rest of his powers will be gone. Since Sol has the ability to call up fire in his canon, as well as the fact that I selected a fire sign, for simplicity's sake he will be able to use Manipulation: Calling Flame from the powers outline. This is essentially what he can do in canon easily (and to a much greater degree) but I will have it be capped to the level described for Calling Flame.

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May. 5th, 2012 07:41 am
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Types of sex I am okay with Pretty much anything
Favorites Dirty talking, oral sex, inexperienced partners, fingering, powerplay, drawn out UST before a resolution, biting, scratching,
Kinks or practices I don't enjoy Scat, rimming, watersports
Willing to write rape or dubcon? Yes
Is fade to black OK? Yup. So's writing it all out.


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