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Sol Badguy
Canon: Guilty Gear
Info links: Sol | Game Info
Canon Point: After Sol spares Dizzy's life in the tournament (Post Guilty Gear X)
Gender & Sex: Male
Age: Appears late 20s/early 30s, actual age ~190
Birthdate/Sign: December 4th, Sagittarius. I chose Sagittarius, (using the attributes outlined here) because Sol is only willing to step forward to lead in rare circumstances -- like promising someone on their deathbed that he would -- but he's never good at following. He's very much the 'fuck the man' type and he tends to argue with authority. He's also impatient in that he doesn't like wasting time or energy, and would rather deal with something than push it aside or talk it out. The strengths fit Sol a bit less well, but he has a bluntness to him that incorporates honesty except in those aspects of life where he needs, for his own safety or other's, to keep things a secret. He definitely fits under needing freedom of movement: attempts to keep him in any one place have generally failed, and he tends not to plan adequately, going more with the flow. He does also have a strong sense of morality, although it is his own and he doesn't wish to elaborate on it to anyone else.

The date December 4th came from here, particularly the fact that he has revolutionary opinions, difficult to get along with, and has a high level of analytical intelligence.
Tattoo: Underside of his left wrist, about 5 cm in diameter
Suitability: N/A (While Sol is in his canon a 'Gear' rather than being human any longer, he still has complete free will and exercise of his emotions, as well as a human appearance.)
Power: As a Gear, Sol in his game is quite powerful without ever unleashing his full power. In the game he wears a band over his forehead to both cover the brand on his forehead and to suppress his more extreme powers and keep his humanity. In Zodion the band would be unnecessary, although he wouldn't find that out without the band coming coming off, something he's not going to do of his own free will.

However, most of the rest of his powers will be gone. Since Sol has the ability to call up fire in his canon, as well as the fact that I selected a fire sign, for simplicity's sake he will be able to use Manipulation: Calling Flame from the powers outline. This is essentially what he can do in canon easily (and to a much greater degree) but I will have it be capped to the level described for Calling Flame.

Personality: Sol is a man of relatively few words. He's been alive for almost two hundred years, and in that time he's found no advantage to be had in "trying his best". All he's found that to be is a waste of time and energy. His lack of desire to expend effort in speaking is reflected in everything he does. While he'll fight when necessary, or when motivated by the things he does feel strongly about, he'll do it efficiently. Better, he thinks, to have a few well-placed strikes than to keep trying and hope that something does what he needs it to.

Before he became a Gear and changed his name to Sol Badguy, Sol was a human scientist named Frederick. He was one of the lead scientists on the Gear Project along with That Man and Aria, hardworking and on the edge of a breakthrough. When that breakthrough came, Frederick was chosen to be the prototype Gear. His body was genetically and magically modified to make him other than human.

At that point in time Sol split from That Man and focused his attention on staying as human as he could. He made a suppressor to keep from transforming fully into a Gear, thinking that he needed his humanity to serve the cause he wished. He also created a type of weapon, called the OutRage, to enable humanity to fight the other Gears which That Man created. His reasons for doing so were two-fold: his guilt at having been a part of the Gear project and his anger at That Man for using him. Those two emotions continued to drive him throughout the next hundred and fifty years, first as an independent agent, then as a soldier in the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, then as an independent bounty hunter again.

His dislike for That Man and his ideals are what continue to drive him, and simultaneously what have made him so jaded and annoyed at people who are only trying their best. Sol has also been influenced less significantly by many other people in his life.

The first of these is Kliff Undersn. It was for Kliff that Sol joined the Sacred Order, since Kliff was willing to accept him as a fighter there despite Sol's unorthodox methods and inability to fit into a regular military structure. Kliff had a pragmatic view towards the war and humanity's need to win it, so while he undoubtedly suspected Sol of not being an ordinary human he didn't challenge Sol on it. As long as that remained the case, Sol could follow the bare minimum of orders.

Where Sol clashed most with the ideals of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights is clear with his interactions with Ky Kiske, Kliff's fifteen-year-old protégé and then successor. Where Kliff had been willing to let Sol go off on his own to fight Gears, Ky was much less comfortable. Sol, despite not wasting words, also isn't polite about the ones he does choose to use. He would much rather tell someone to fuck off than think up a way to say it politely. If the first method will still result in them leaving him alone then he doesn't care if his way of demanding it makes them pissy. This general attitude was amplified in Sol's dealings with Ky. When Ky attempted to punish Sol's insubordination and force him to better toe the line, Sol decided that enough was enough and left the Sacred Order, taking with him one of the elements of the OutRage. Ky chased after him for the theft, but Kliff stepped in to give the element to Sol as a gift. Neither Ky nor Kliff were aware that Sol was the original creator of the OutRage, and to Sol the fact that he decided he needed it, that the UN was keeping it in storage instead of using it in battle, and that Ky had pissed him off were the main reasons he took it.

The last important relationship is Sol's relationship with Dizzy. While he hasn't had extensive contact with her, he knows that she's a Gear. Sol has made it a personal mission to destroy what Gears there are -- that aren't him -- in part to protect humanity and in larger part to try to destroy That Man's vision from coming true. Sol spares Dizzy, however, because she has an innocence to her that he doesn't want to be the one to end, and because he recognizes that it isn't the fault of those who are Gears, but what they do with them. He also sees a potential in her to be something other than just a Gear, and that would serve as well for interfering with That Man's plan. Sol's choice to spare Dizzy despite the fact that she could become a threat on the level of Justice -- who humanity fought for the last hundred years against -- shows he can be motivated by emotion rather than logic, even if he wouldn't go admitting that to anyone.

Sol is prone to nostalgia in the area of music, although he would phrase it instead as the idea that music in the last hundred and fifty years certainly hasn't been any better. His main hobby is listening to Queen and he carved the words 'Rock You' into his headband as a reference to the song "We Will Rock You". He can play the guitar and chose the name Badguy for himself at least in part as a deliberate reference to Freddie Mercury.

On the side that he doesn't talk about, he doesn't see any point to doing so, Sol is quite a good cook and has before been a very good scientist. He has a natural desire to take things apart and figure out how they work, although he has for the most part suppressed that desire in the wake of the Gear Project and with the UN outlawing many types of technology. He still has much greater scientific knowledge and inkling than most people born during the Crusades, but he doesn't do much more than is necessary for his own use.

In summary, Sol is rude, abrupt, and focused by his guilt and anger. His length of life and what he has seen during it have made him jaded, but his desire to make things at least better, since he can't make them right, as well as a dislike of giving up keeps him fighting. Far from what his name implies, Sol is not a bad guy, he simply doesn't always follow the rules or make nice with people for the sake of sugarcoating how things are.

"Zodion" First-Person Network Entry:

[Sol didn't specifically introduce himself when he arrived, and he hasn't turned on his communicator to do so now. There's no point. These people aren't his friends, and he doesn't feel any need to make friends with them.

This whole place is a goddamn waste of time, as far as Sol is concerned. At least there doesn't seem to be that much expected of him.]

Anyone know where I can get a record player?

[No? Pretty much expected. He shakes his communicator, completely uncaring -- but not unaware -- of how that makes the video feed shift.]

Or at least how to put music on this?

[If not he'll try to figure it out himself, but it would be easier to use someone else's work if they've already done it. Or if he can get them to.]

"Zodionlogs" Third-Person Prose Entry:
There were many things that Sol disliked, but only a few that he bothered to dislike intensely. They were That Man, people who insisted on putting great effort into things without considering the results, and waking up in a strange place with his body feeling different. Sol snapped his eyes open, not sure if the fact that still had human arms was a positive. He felt....weak, uncomfortably so.

He walked slowly towards the box. His left wrist started to sting, nothing that wasn't perfectly ignorable for now. He caught his own annoyed eyes in the mirror, and above them his bare forehead with That Man's mark on him. His hand scrambled to his forehead, and he let out a grunt when he hit the reassuring leather of his gear suppressor.

His hand, where he caught sight of it, was also bare, and the pain of his wrist increased. He twisted it to look at it. "New age bullshit stopped being funny five minutes after it started," he said, for the benefit of what listening audience he might have. It was true. He didn't know why there was a symbol of the zodiac, of all things, on his wrist, but he wasn't feeling generous toward whoever had put it there.

He'd reassure himself by thinking this was a dream, if not for the fact that it was pretty damn disturbing to think he'd dream of this. The box stopped glowing, and Sol wrenched it open. An early 2000's phone and a letter. Not quite what he was hoping to see.

At least the letter proved it wasn't that witch. Bitch wasn't this elaborate when she decided to cause chaos. And it didn't have That Man's touch either, none of this setup did. And that left Sol just about out of known suspects. Which didn't mean shit, and he knew it.

It also meant he didn't know what deluded psychopaths had decided to play God this time.


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